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Tattoo Removal Is A Big Decision. It Shouldn’t Be A Big Investment

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Colorado Laser Treatments believes that our laser tattoo removal services should be cost-effective and competitive. Our goals are the same as yours: we strive to give the treatment you want and not break the bank. Therefore we are pleased to offer the following discount schedule:

We Make It Affordable: Every fifth treatment is always FREE!

Every tattoo removal center has a list of standardized pricing, usually by the size of the tattoo in square inches. Colorado Laser Treatments also has a list of standard pricing listed below, but we prefer not to approach your treatment costs in this way. We customize pricing based on the needs of our clients and the complexity of the tattoo.

We encourage you to text us a picture of your ink to our phone: 720-552-2411. This enables us to truly tailor your treatment and costs to the tattoo you have, not the one that fits a specific size. We believe you will be surprised how competitive our costs are! One of the reasons we are so competitive is that we own all of our very expensive equipment outright. Other treatment providers may lease their equipment and this adds greatly to their per treatment costs.

Only Pay For What You Need

From As Low As $50/session

Need an after-hours appointment?

Colorado Laser Treatments will work to fit your schedule.  Call or email today or schedule your tattoo removal consultation or treatment today!

AdvaTX Facial Treatments From $250

Body Sculpting From $300

Extra-Small Tattoo: 1-inch x 1-inch costs between $50-$90 per treatment

Small Tattoo: 2-inch x 2-inch costs between $90-$150 per treatment

Medium Tattoo: 4-5 inch x 4-5 inch  costs between $135-$250 per treatment

Large Tattoo: 6-inch x 6-inch costs between $250-$300 per treatment

Extra Large Tattoo: 8-inch x 8-inch Schedule a consultation for custom pricing

Unlimited treatments: Only $600