State Of The Art Tattoo Removal Equipment

Colorado Laser Treatments Trusts FDA Approved Q-Plus Laser

Quanta Q Plus Tattoo RemovalAfter much time spent researching the best laser products available Colorado Laser Treatments chose the best for laser tattoo removal! We use the Q-Plus Laser made by Quanta. The Q-Plus is a “Q Switched ND YAG Laser” PLUS a Ruby Laser and is effective with all ink colors and densities. Quanta products carry FDA clearance. They have a broad evenly disbursed power range and four spot sizes to ensure your treatment time is short and accurate.

Square Beam Removal Pattern

laser Tattoo Removal in Longmont

Best of all Quanta is the only manufacturer that has a square beam pattern. This enables Colorado Laser Treatments clinicians to precisely place the beam without overlap. This shortens treatment times and requires only one pass. All other lasers use a circular beam which requires multiple passes to cover the same treatment area. This can result in skin damage and a longer treatment time.

Quanta lasers have a broad power range and can be adjusted for any skin type or required treatment. When you compare laser tattoo removal companies you’ll find that the best use Quanta lasers.

You Deserve Exceptional Service

Zimmer Cryo-5 Tattoo RemovalMany of our clients arrive expecting the treatment experience to be painful and tell us how surprised they were to discover how little pain was actually involved. The reasons for this are:

  • Colorado Laser Treatments’ technicians have the best training obtainable in treatment processes, laser safety, treatment maximization, and pain minimizing techniques.
  • We use a variety of skin cooling methods from simple local icing to the application of cold plates to the use of the Zimmer Cryo 5 cooler. The cooling of the skin before, during and after the treatment process ensures minimal discomfort The Cryo 5 continuously blows cool air over the treatment area. The Cryo 5 is perfect for large tattooed areas.