We won’t lie to you: there is some discomfort associated with laser tattoo removal. It simply can’t be helped. We have developed many techniques to minimize whatever discomfort you might experience:

  • We use a medical chiller before, during and after your treatment. This chills your treatment area and minimizes the treatment sensation.
  • We use optimal power settings to move your ink without moving your skin! This is perhaps the most misunderstood area of the entire treatment process. Too much power causes pain! It can also cause scarring. So the laser power settings need to be optimized for EVERY treatment. We take the time to analyze your ink, how many previous treatments you’ve received and any history indicating post-treatment sensitivity. We always take a test shot prior to commencing any treatment to ensure we have obtained the correct power settings.
  • We also use a clever distraction technique: We give our clients two tubes filled with ice to hold. This helps distract your brain away from the treatment and towards the fact that you’re holding something cold! It’s very effective.
  • Finally, if you are amongst the few ultra-sensitive to laser treatments we can apply a 7% Lidocaine/Actacaine topical to minimize whatever discomfort our other techniques won’t alleviate.