This is the hardest question to answer that we get. When we perform a pretreatment consultation we evaluate your skin type according to the Fitzpatrick Scale. Use the chart below to determine where your skin type fits on that scale.


  • I – Always burns, never tans
  • II – Always burns, sometimes tans
  • III – Sometimes burns, always tans
  • IV -Rarely burns, always tans
  • V – Brown, moderately pigmented skin
  • VI – Black skin

Next, we align your information to the Kerby-Desai Scale, which is the industry standard. Try it by clicking on the link and entering the information relevant to your tattoo. The Kerby-Desai Scale is the most widely used evaluation tool in the industry, however, we have some issues with it. For example, it doesn’t take into account the age of your ink (the older the quicker it will go away), who performed the tattoo (non-professional treatments remove more quickly). Most importantly, it doesn’t evaluate your metabolic activity level. Experience has shown us that clients with high metabolisms move ink faster. With these things in mind, we try to give you the best estimate we can, but there are factors beyond our control that can affect that estimate.